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We had a good night at club last night. A few new children to the group which was great. Despite the rain, we had 10 youth come out to help. Way to go, y’all. I love you and appreciate you.

My devotional thought from yesterday was very timely for me. Later on in the day I had an unpleasant situation that could have really bothered me. But the Holy Spirit had prepared me for it earlier in the day when I read that pleasing others can be a snare. How wonderful and freeing it is to put my trust in the Lord and to know that I am safe there. That feels incredibly good and comforting.

Today I am working in the office before heading out with some friends to Truman Lake for the weekend. It should be nice weather and plenty of lake time for skiing, tubing and being lazy in the Lord.

Today’s Proverbs is Prov. 30. I was really drawn to v. 8 this time. It says

Keep falsehood and lies far from me; give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread.

The first part is important to me – that the Lord helps me to be a honest person who is committed to truth but that He also helps me to surround myself with people of integrity and honesty as well. But the second part is really something that I’ve been craving for in my life and want to commit myself to – living a life of simplicity. I do not want to have a lot of stuff. It because burdensome and makes me forget to be faithful for the Lord’s provisions. At the same time, I need to live faithfully in the knowledge that God will always provide for my basic needs, not wants. God did not intend for us to be imprisoned by possessions or the need for money; He wants to liberate us from the love of stuff so that we will trust fully in Him.

My prayer for today is that the Lord will deepen my faith and my reliance on Him alone. Lord, give me only my daily bread and help me to entrust the next day to You.

I’ll post again when I return from our lake trip. Have an awesome weekend!


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Snares and Traps

Had a good time last night at club. We had two new children and we all had a nice time. Today is Nick’s 9th birthday so we are bringing a cake for him to help celebrate.

Update on toe: It is still black and blue. But I don’t think I’ll have to amputate.

Today is my day off so I’m running a couple of errands and then helping my mucho prego sister get her classroom ready for the new school year and her sub. Blake, my soon-to-arrive nephew, could come any day. I’m PUMPED!

In reading my Proverbs for the day (day 29), I came across this great reminder.

Ch. 29 v. 25 – “The fear of others lays a snare, but one who trusts in the Lord is secure.”

The Spirit led me to stop and reflect on this one. How often I struggle with concerns about what others think or about letting people down. Often, I am more concerned and “fear” what others think rather than what God thinks. This is nothing but hurtful for me and keeps me from following God with reckless abandonment. As the verse says, the fear of others is a snare or a trap that we get caught in. It keeps us imprisoned and keeps us from doing what is best or what we were made to be. It makes us worry about whether people like us or why people are upset with us. Sometimes there are good reasons – like we did something stupid or said something hurtful – but a lot of times it is just people being people and we can’t do anything about that. Yet we lose sleep over it.

My prayer today is that the Lord will help me fear and trust only Him and that He’ll protect me from the snares of being a people-pleaser!

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A New Journey

Today’s a great day so far. I broke one of my toes as I was getting out of the shower. At least you know that I shower! It’s all black and blue now. Pretty, huh? So, to help with the pain I decided to have a Coke and M&Ms. It always seems to help.

We have another night of Backyard Bible Clubs tonight. Hope you can come and join us.

Pretty soon I hope to add some thoughts from my time with the Lord and just some reflections on Scripture that I am reading. Hopefully, what I am learning from the Lord will be something that may encourage you.

Shadow – I’m praying for you and your friend situations!

Jen Jen – I’m praying for you too and for relationship issues. Remember that God thinks you are beautiful and loves you deeply. Soak up His devoted attention and remember that he made you a lady of worth and beauty!

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