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New Blake Photos

Hey everyone! I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I posted last. It has been a really hectic time lately and it seems I never get here to post – even thought I check back often to keep up with the tagboard comments.

I’ve posted some new photos of Blake in the Blake photo album. These are various pictures from the last two or three weeks.

Since I last posted, I celebrated my 31st birthday. It was a great birthday. My parents got me a couple of days at a place down at the lake so I had some time away by myself (which I always enjoy) plus a good friend of mine from college came up for part of the time. We had a good time catching up on life and spending some time together. The family celebrated on Thursday night. I got to hold Blake a lot which was GREAT!

Update on the kitchen: it is nearly done. My appliances are back in the kitchen and tonight I cooked on the stove and baked cookies for my c-group kids. This was the first time I’d use the stove in about two months. Crazy – I actually missed cooking. I just have a few more touches before I post pictures. But everyone who comes in loves it and thinks it is much better than the previous decor.

I’ll try and update more regularly. In the meantime, keep the tagboard conversations and comments coming!

Peace – Melissa


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Hurricane Ivan

Forgot to post about the Hurricane. I was watching the aftermath and Ivan hit the area where we stay for our senior trip really hard!!! In fact, many of the place we drive by or go to each year suffered some serious damage. They showed the Romar Baptist Church which I’ve driven by each year and thought – hey, God, call me here to serve; I could suffer in beach ministry. The entire church was GONE. Ivan took her back into the sea.

I’m really curious about the beach houses in Fort Morgan where we’ve stayed. I hope they made it without too much destruction.

Here’s a quote from the New York Times. The “Down Under Dive Shop” (picture to the left) Dive_under_shop
is the shop that we went to this past year to check on snorkeling and we always stop by Souvenir City.

Water swamped the Down Under dive shop, lapping above the level of the plywood boards hammered into place to protect the building. White-capped waves crested in the parking lot of Souvenir City. One resident, Steve Horvat, joked that he now had beachfront property. “The problem is some people say it looks like a houseboat,” he said.

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Where did the week go?

What a busy week it has been. Sorry I haven’t been journaling faithfully. I had a deacon banquet on Monday night, C-Groups on Tuesday night and church on Wednesday.

C-groups are my high school student-led Bible studies. There are six of them – three on Tuesday nights and three on Wednesday nights. One of the Tuesday groups meets at my house every week from 7:30 – 9 pm. I love having them here. Last night was our first one for this school year and we had several repeaters from last year. It was like a family reunion – hugs; how-was-summer; etc. C-groups really become family for the youth that attend. We had a few new folks as well. It was also a good excuse to clean my basement which had not been done since they left in May! (how sad is that!!) Anyway – as I tell the kids, it’s like my house is blessed each week on Tuesdays with their presence and their beautiful conversation on God and life.

My dad worked on Wednesday laying the floor in the kitchen. He nearly got it finished. I spent some time today working on it as well. We are very near the end. Praise God! I think one more day and we will have the major kitchen pieces in place. I can’t wait to have my house back. Although it been cool having the refrigerator in the living and perhaps the knowledge of this might increase my dating potential, it is time for it to return to the kitchen.

Spent some lunch time with sister, Blake, mom and Grandma Baker. It was Blake’s first McDonald’s trip. He slept through it – of course. I’m beginning to think I have this drowsy effect on him. I took a few pictures and will add them to the site really soon.

This weekend is crazy busy. I am leading some workshops at a training event this weekend; Common Ground is having a barbecue on Saturday night and Sunday is jammed-packed with church; business meeting; belated baby shower for Greg and Ang and then our first youth worship service. (and Gilda to frame for it. I’m swamped!) (for Beth and Preston) Needless to say – I’ll probably not be posting over the weekend.

Hope everyone is doing well out there. Drop me a comment some time so I know SOMEONE is reading this blah, blah. (Thanks ADELE for your dang comment.) HA.

Peace – Melissa

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Weekend Update

What beautiful weather! Gorgeous, gorgeous. A little ragweed isn’t going to get me down. 🙂

Friday night, Common Ground had our movie night. We watched The Princess Bride – a classic movie from my high school days. Great movie – even after the 40th time. So many great, quotable lines.

On Saturday, a few of us from Common Ground went to Windermere to volunteer for the day – part of a group of young singles affiliated with the current network (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship young leader’s network) across the United States that are trying to be involved in making a difference on Sept. 11 – a day known now for pain and violence. Some of us did some landscaping work for them and our guys spent the day assembling bunk beds for some of the new lodging. Then, we relaxed for a while by the pool on a perfect Saturday afternoon. Good times, good times – right, Preston?? 🙂

Saturday night I spent some time with my sis and my nephew, Blake. We went out to supper together although Blake managed to sleep through the entire time we were together. I’m beginning to take it personally . . . (just kidding)

Sunday was a full day as well with church events. Spent the afternoon with a friend and then returned to church for an evening of piano praise (five grand pianos, millions of notes, etc.) Nice time of worship.

As I’ve shared with some of you, after reading Nicholas Spark’s works, I am thinking about writing again. I use to think about writing books but had misplaced that desire over the years. So, I’ve been dedicating my spare thoughts each day to thinking about a story that people would resonate with and characters that they could relate to. I’m open to suggestions if you won’t sue me later for a commission! 🙂

Peace – Melissa

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Kitchen Plan F

I called Lowe’s today about the floor. Seems like it is too expensive and too time-consuming to have a professional come and remove the old vinyl flooring in the kitchen. So, following the directions of one of the Lowe’s staff, we leveled the floor with floor leveling paste (like cement mixture). We put this any place where the old flooring was coming up or where we had managed to get it up (which wasn’t much). Since it wasn’t until around 5 pm when we did this, we have postponed the actual laying of the floor until next week. Murphy’s Law. Just remember to plan an extra two weeks for any home project you plan to undertake. We will get it done and it already looks a lot better.

Of course, I probably could have finished the floor today, however, my sister called and I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with her and my nephew, Blake. No way I’m passing that up. We went (with mom and dad) to DQ for lunch. Blake slept the whole time. Then I ran an errand with Ang and Blake. Then we went to Angela’s house and I was able to feed Blake again. I love doing that. What a sweetie he is. Absolute perfection. (Can you tell I’m proud or what??)

Busy weekend ahead with Common Ground activities. Hope you have a great weekend yourself.

Peace – Melissa

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Tonight was my first Wednesday back to the regular school year schedule at church. In some ways I was dreading it – just because Wednesdays are so long in church work. But I must admit, after spending an hour with my hilarious and energetic middle schoolers, my attitude was much better. They are so cool and funny and open. They’re a hoot. One of my boys was telling me how he wore a hubcab around his neck with a gold chain to school and was showing off that he had bigger “bling-bling” than anyone else. HILARIOUS!!!! I need to get a picture of that. You never know what a day will bring with middle schooler (or youth) for that matter. One of the many reasons why I love them so! Tonight we began a study of Philippians. We will be walking through that “epistle” throughout September. I’m looking forward to the study with them.

Walked downtown for lunch today. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to make sure that I ventured outside to enjoy it. The church I work for is located in our historic downtown area so I am within walking distance of great little eateries. Lots of sandwich shops which I enjoy.

I had scheduled to spend the day tomorrow tearing up the old floor in my kitchen and laying a new floor. HOWEVER, as with many things on this project, the floor removal has been more challenging than I thought. Looks like I will be paying some friendly folks from Lowe’s to come in a remove the floor for me. Dad and I have tried about every trick we know and that sucker will not tear up. Time to pay the pros and admit defeat. Two things I hate to do. 🙂

Peace – Melissa

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Labor Away

Hope each of you had a productive and fun weekend. It was a great weekend and great weather.

I took several youth up to Kansas City for the annual Rock the Light concert. We went up on Saturday and enjoy the outdoor Christian concert event. We heard the bands Building 429; KJ-52; Casting Crowns; Pillar and Relient K. The kids love the music and atmosphere. I have a ton of Relient K fans in the group. However, Pillar was by far my favorite band. I bought their latest cd with several great songs. My favorite song is the powerful “Simply”.

I’ve made it so hard on myself
Turning my back on how you felt
Seeing a lie that led me on
Leaving a love that did no wrong
That’s what it took for me to say
That you simply love
Despite all the stupid things I’ve done
It’s hard to remember that you simply love
Even though I know not what I’ve done
I’ve tried to do all this on my own
Not thinking once of what you’ve shown
All that I’ve done has blinded me
To everything that you have for me
I want you to know I finally see
I don’t know why I can’t understand
I don’t know why I can’t comprehend
I don’t know why I can’t understand

Great lyrics reminding that God simply loves – no matter what we do or fail to do.

So, we stayed overnight in Lee’s Summit and went to church at First Baptist, Lee’s Summit. We returned to JC around 4 pm. I was looking forward to a quiet night at home and going to bed early since I had about 3 hours of sleep on Saturday night. However, I realized when we returned to JC that I had left my wallet at the McDonald’s in Lee’s Summit!!!!! By the time I got home to track down the number, the manager had called and said they had my wallet in their safe. So, I conned my parents into going to Lee’s Summit with me (actually they offered and since I had no money or driver’s license, it sounded like a really good idea) and I went back to Lee’s Summit!!!! What a crazy day but I’m thankful that folks were honest up there at the McD’s and that I received it intack! Craziness – I can’t give my kids grief any more about leaving things behind. Ha.

Today my dad and I were to put the floor down in my kitchen. We began to take up the vinyl flooring and we knew it would be a loooooooooooong day. The floor was coming up in pieces and we had barely made a dent after 30 minutes. So we went to Lowe’s to track down some suggestions and found out about a tool that we need that will make it go much quicker. Unfortunately, they were sold out. So, we have postponed the floor until Thursday. Dad did some odd jobs around here and I spent the day putting up curtain rods and priming some furniture pieces for the kitchen. Hopefully by next weekend the kitchen will be completed.

I also finished my second Nicholas Spark’s book “The Wedding”. It was a great read. I’m now moving onto my third Spark’s novel, “A Bend in the Road”. I’m enjoying the lighter reading and taking a break from all the work related reading that I have been doing the last two or three years.

Have a great work and school week. Live each day to the fullest.

Peace – Melissa

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