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Youth Ministry Hangovers

This past weekend was our high school fall retreat to Logan Valley.  It was a great time – for shizzle.  (is that how you spell it??) 🙂  The weather was gorgeous and Logan Valley is a great place out in the middle of nowhere to enjoy it.  Good sunshine, great company – what else can I say.  The youth did a great job of just having a great time and enjoying each other’s company.  NO DRAMA – yeah!  Thanks, girls, for leaving that at home.  Love ya.

We talked about sharing our faith through relational evangelism.  Really, honestly caring about people and their needs and through our lives and words introducing them to Christ. It was a great study for all of us on how much God loves each person and wants to have a relationship with them.  It was some hard studies but I think many of us left knowing better how to share our faith in ways that are like Christ – not like self-righteous vigilantes.

So youth ministry hangovers – yeah, those are the hours and days right after retreats or lock-ins or big events.  It takes a few days to recover lost sleep and to get back to the living.  Plus, I’m having to deal with the sadness of not being at my nephew’s dedication on Sunday.  😦  I heard he was a handsome little . . . angel.  I’ll post pictures when I get them from the parentals.

Was at work all day today and then attended a training event in Columbia tonight.  One looong day.

So, remember boys and girls, God is all about having a relationship with you.  This is one relationship that none of us should take for granted.  Spend some time with God today – you’ll be glad you did. 🙂

Peace -Melissa


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Mustard Moments

Hope everyone had a good Wednesday.  Work was very busy and I had several of those "should-have-had-a-long-time-ago" conversations with some folks.  Draining but needed. 

Funny youth thing for the day:  During our middle school program one of my 8th grade guys fell to the ground during our game. He stood back up, put his hand in his jeans pocket and pulled it back out – totally covered in yellow gunk. MUSTARD!  He had three packets in his pocket and they all burst when he hit the floor.  So, he went to the bathroom to wash out his jeans and returns a few minutes later with one of the dark trash bags around his waist with his boxers on underneath.  Between laughs, I sent him back to the bathroom and told him to put his jeans on over the plastic trash bag.  He stank all night! Extremely funny and I’m still laughing.  Just anothe reason why I love youth ministry! Thanks, Tyler! Love ya, man 🙂

Tonight a friend of mine from college was in town for a concert.  We got together afterwards and chatted until early morning.  Great to catch up on life with old friends. 

Tomorrow I will see my handsome nephew, Blake!  I’m excited about that.  He is growing so fast. 

Peace –

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Back from the Dead

Okay, okay.  It has been incredibly too long since I posted last.  Call it busy, call it lazy, call it whatever you’d like.  Nevertheless, I am truly sorry to all who are faithful to check back to this site and are SADLY disappointed. 🙂  (Adrian, Beth, and my Aunt Judy! Thanks for being faithful ladies!) I promise to try and get my groove back on and update this place.

Blake update:  Cute as EVER!  I will be adding pictures tomorrow some time.  I have some cute Halloween pictures of this little pup. 🙂  He is growing like a weed and getting heavy.  My parents are definitely enjoying having them with him while Ang works.  And Ang, my sis, is quite tired between full-time teaching and full-time mommy-hood.  But she wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Work update:  Work is going great.  I’m getting ready to take about 55 high school youth on retreat this weekend.  We are going to our beautiful get-away called Logan Valley.  Good times.  It should be a little chilly at night but at least dry this year.  Looking forward to hanging out with all my AWESOME youth.  Love you, guys and gals!   I also preached our morning services this past Sunday and it was a good morning.  I talked about how we wrestle with God and that we need to cry uncle, surrender to God, and let Him bless us.  So, now, I’m just trying to practice what I preach.  🙂

House update:  Okay – the kitchen is pretty much done.  My mom is finishing hemming the last set of curtains.  I have a wallpaper border to purchae and some rugs to get.  A couple of other minor touches and FINALLY done.  I did promise pictures and I will get them up soon.

Okay – that is the major stuff for right now.  I think that sums it up.  The last month has been busy with youth trips; church events; time with friends and family and the regular crazy week to week responsibilities.

Love you all and may you have a blessed day as you read thi (and may you not fall over from heart shock that I have actually posted something new!)


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