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You Are 21 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view – and you look at the world with awe. 13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.
20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what’s to come… love, work, and new experiences.
30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You’ve had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!
40+: You are a mature adult. You’ve been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

Okay I got this thing from a friend’s website.  All I can say is "YES! – 21 again!!!"  Ha – it must be the job.  Perhaps somewhat but I do think I live and think more like a  mid-twenty-something than a 31 year old.   Kailey – what’s up with this?  We switched places.  This must be why we get along so well. 🙂

Nothing real noteworthy from here.  I’ve been working a lot of hours this week with just general stuff and then getting ready to preach Sunday. 

And yeah for me – this Saturday will be two weeks of working out every day.  I feel great! I’m discovered the treadmills and nautilus machines this week at the Y and have moved to those over the elliptical machines.  I think I’ll keep switching up so I don’t get bored.  I came across a great program in a magazine today which has me running from treadmill, elliptical, bike and stepper all in one workout.  I think that will be a go next week.

Other than that – I’m just stocking up on anti-depressants with the return of snow and ice expected tomorrow night.  I’m ready . . bring it on.

Peace – Melissa


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Packing My Parachute

I’m working on my sermon for this Sunday titled "Most Likely to Find Happiness" and thus I’m spending a good deal of time mentally chewing on the concept of happiness.  There have been many times in my life when I’ve swayed back and forth on the issue of happiness and its place in the life of Christians.  Does God want me to be happy?  What if God’s idea of happiness and my idea of happiness don’t match up?  Whose right? (chuckle, chuckle).  So I’ve be reading over and over again Matthew 5:1-12 – the text for my sermon and the famous Beautitudes and filtering the scripture for truth and wisdom about happiness. 

In my personal reflection, happiness can often be like the wind for me.  There are moments where I experience gusts that seem to lift me up and sweep me off my feet.  And almost as quickly, the wind sucks itself away and I crash to the hard ground from where it took me. Now – is this the fault of the wind or is it my fault for not grounding myself against the wind?   Perhaps both but as one who has trouble giving myself a break and feels the need to be in control, I tend to go with the later.  However, perhaps there is another side to it all. Perhaps the secret to enjoying and surviving the thrill of the gusts is to be grounded within yourself even as you are enjoying the thrill of the ride.  How many times do we forego the thrill because of fear of the pain that may come?  Could you really live life without letting the wind occasionally sweep you off your feet?  In my heart, I believe that if you are grounded within yourself, when the wind dies down it doesn’t all the sudden disappear.  It gently begins to evaporate and you fall like a leaf gently to the ground.  A landing, indeed, but a softer one.  I think I will start thinking of my holistic health as "packing-the-parachute".  I don’t want to miss the rides and thrills of life but I don’t want to be stupid or reckless.  So, I’ll pack my parachute with emotional and spiritual centeredness and leap out of the plane for the adventure.  Sounds much better than sitting in a plane all my life.  (Friends – please remind me of this post later on when I’m standing at the opened bay door with a white-knuckle grip on the plane.)

Peace –



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"You don’t wanna do this guys, because I’m an easy bleeder, and I might have diseases."  I got this off some guy’s blog and thought it was hee-lar-e-us.  It is his prepared response in the event that he should ever be physically threatened by large, burly men.  HA.  Remember this one – it might actually save your life one day.

Saw Finding Neverland on Sunday night.  Great flick!  I definitely recommend this one for several reasons if not simply to be reminded of the need to embrace your imagination and revel in it.  The acting is amazing – especially young Freddie Highmore.  I look forward to seeing Johnny Depp and Highmore together again in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory scheduled to come out in the near future.  Despite critics, I am also eager to see The Phantom of the Opera.  It finally came to Columbia but whether I’ll get there in time remains to be seen.

So, I’m seriously committed to living a healthier lifestyle.  (Stop laughing – no, seriously – stop it.)  I’m back at the Y and am in love with their elliptical machines.  They are smooth and it makes it a lot easier to run without the wear and tear on the body. So, I’m committing myself to leaving the office when I can to exercise each day.  I figure since I work so many evenings and weekends I should be able to sneak away for a hour for some "me" time.  If you hit the Y at just the right time, it is not busy at all. 

Now that I have the Launch Cast Radio and can listen to alternative rock all day, commerical-free, I am discovering that alternative rock is truly me.  Odd as it may be to hear "Plastic Jesus" coming from the youth pastor’s office, I have found a ton of sounds that I love.  Mind you – I don’t have a clue about most of the bands but the songs are great.  Examples: "Hysteria" by Muse; "Simpleman" by Shine Down, "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand; "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World; "Broken" by Seether with Evanesence; "Smells like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana.  Great tunes.  **Disclaimer: I am not endorsing said lyrics or bands. I am simply stating that their sounds make me happy.  And everyone should want me to be happy.  Because when mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

Peace –

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Catch Up

What a busy week or two this has been.  I don’t even know if I can remember everything to catch up on.  Let’s see . . .

Last Friday: It snowed like crazy on this day.  It was a mess by early evening.  So I was meeting up with Bryce for dinner and to go hang out with friends and he called and he had little incident with his Explorer.  A very unique parking job over a four-foot edge behind his house.  So I went over to make fun of him and to take pictures.  It was way cool.  Then we went to Taco Bell and the over to a friends house for the evening. Watched XMen something, played games, had lemon birthday cake (yum, yum).  Not my birthday – one of my friends.  Late night but good times.

Saturday: Slept in and stayed put for awhile with all the snow.  Then went to the Y to work out for awhile.  Then to the mall to find something to wear to the Governor’s Ball (more later on this).  Met up with my friend Neena at the mall.  Then Neena, Bryce and I hung out at Neena’s eating her fabulous cooking and just chillin.

Sunday:  A day of worship.  We had regular church services and then a special Bible Study.  I was home mid afternoon.  Then went with Neena and Christina to the Y to work out.  Then we again went to Neena’s to hang out.  Neena spent the evening fixing my hair in a million ways to figure out how I would wear it to the ball on Monday.  (that’s next)

Monday:  Inauguration day.  Started the day early at church because we were hosting the governor’s prayer service.  Packed house with all kinds of political folks and onlookers.  Everything went well and smooth.  Had lunch with all my family.  Little Blake is a handsome little angel.  I need to post new pictures ASAP so you can see how handsome he is.  Around 5 pm I went to Neena’s for a quick bite and to get dressed for the ball and to do my hair.  She is great with hair styling.  We went to the ball at the Capitol at 7 pm and went to meet up with some of her friends that worked there.  Then we met up with some other friends.  Then I had an awesome time dancing the evening away.  What fun!  Thanks to Preston and Bryce for the dances.  Mucho impressivo, boys.

Tuesday: Slept in! Then to work for the entire day.  I had a meeting after church and then our C-Groups started back up so the youth were over here a little after 7 for the evening.   Great Bible study has we get back into the swing of things.  C-Groups are like family and it is always great to get back together after the break.   

Wednesday:  Work all day.  Got home a little after 9 pm.  Snowed through the night.

Thursday:  Slept in (are you catching the pattern??) Woke up to snow everywhere – only an inch or two.  Went to the Y to play tennis with a friend and then we went to lunch.  Then over to have my Thursday fix of Blake.  He rolled over 7 times today from his stomach to this back.  Could an aunt be more proud?  NO.  So I got lots of hugging time and fed him.  To think this is a mere fraction of the way God feels toward me.  Unbelievable.  Incomprehensible.  Thank you God for loving me so much and for taking such pleasure in me and all your creation.

Tomorrow its back to work.  I have a movie night tomorrow with Common Ground.

Oh yeah – signed up for Yahoo Messenger yesterday.  GREAT music all day long for my choosing and enjoyment.  If you have messenger, my screenname is Yutegal1973!  Drop me a line sometime.

Peace –


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Ice, Ice, Baby

What is up with winter weather?  Who finds this enjoyable?   It is COLD.  My electric bill came yesterday and it was WAY over the top.  "Eating-mac-and-cheese-in-January" over the top.  I moved the thermostat down and as I type this blog my nose is literally frozen.  Wo-man was not meant to live this way.  Enough complaining – at least I have a home to come to, right?  Yes – that is right. I am more than blessed and my needs are more than met. Help me, God, to not take that for granted.

Today was a not so crazy day at the church.  We ended up cancelling activities for tonight due to the icy weather.  Better safe than sorry.  So I was actually home at 5 pm which was great on a Wednesday.  Watched the news and read my paper.  Washed up some dishes and then have been on this computer updating websites.  Need to exercise ….  (hold on, I’m laughing right now…. that’s a good one, Melissa)

Tomorrow I get to see BLAKE!  Absolutely fantastic.  I miss the little booger. I brought him a little gift from Keystone – a little bib that says "Junior Ski Patrol".  I’m sure he will be very thankful for it.

So I had lunch with a friend today and he is going to start training for a marathon in April.  Running a marathon has been on the long list I have of things I’d like to do once in life.  Maybe I’ll begin the training too.  I don’t think I’d be ready by April but maybe I could do one next fall. Right, Kailey?  You in, girl? 

No deep thoughts or intellectual insights for today.  My brain has slowed down to focus all of its energy on staying warm.  I wondered what would happen if I started a fire in my fake fireplace . . . .  hmmm.

Peace (cough, cough)


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Happy New Year

Here is my monthly post! 🙂    Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a great New Year.  Christmas was great this year with the family and of course, with Blake.  Babies make Christmas fun.  Blake was the winner in regards to number of gifts and everything seemed to pass his oral inspection.  Apparently DVDs and wrapping paper are edible.  Never knew that . . .

For the past week, I’ve been with friends in Keystone, Colorado for an awesome ski trip.  We had great weather and just a great vacation. It was wonderful to get away from JC.  It was a relaxing week and a great time of fellowship with old friends and new friends.  I had never been to Keystone before – only Copper for skiing.  I like Keystone a lot.   New Year’s eve we were able to ride a gondola (a first for me) to the top of the mountain.  It was cold and beautiful.  We weren’t actually at the top of the mt to ring in the New Year’s but it was great nevertheless. (that’s a funny word isn’t it? nevertheless).  Anyway … I’m going into withdrawal from the trip.  Even though I’m not a ski fanatic, I love Colorado and just getting away and experiencing new things. Plus, it is weird to spend a week with 11 people and come back to just me at the house.  I know, I know – a shocking comment from this introvert.

As far as work goes, I officially begin a new title and chapter in my ministry.  I am now officially the Pastor of Children and Youth and I have moved to Rev. Melissa!  I’m not ordained yet but was licensed in March.  Hard to explain what it feels like to receive this title and validation of the ministry God has called me to.  Let’s just say both humbling and releasing.   In regards to my job here, I am dropping recreation and Women’s Ministry and picking up overseeing ministry to all children and youth – birth through grade 12.  Big responsibility but I really like the idea of developing a comprehensive ministry that will be focused on discipling children from the moment of birth until they leave this church family for post-secondary experiences. 

Reading a neat book about a young man who led a very interesting and brief life. Into the Wild. Interesting tale that I recommend for you to read sometime.

Blessings to each of you that read this and may God overwhelm you this month with His peace and rest.

Peace – Melissa

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