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Hard Work

With the holidays and vacation right and an incredibly busy schedule, my fitness regime had taken a real hit.  This past week in preparing to get back into dress clothes I was faced with the reality that I’ve had a little too much fun and not enough punishment the last few weeks.  Time to get back on track in a serious way. It timed well with seeing the last episode of The Biggest Loser.  I haven’t seen but probably two episodes this season but I remember watching more of it last year and really wanting it to all click for me and motivate me to make changes.  And I did.  It is such a great feeling to look back on 2005 and realize the great changes that I have made to my life in regards to fitness.  25 lbs. gone and never to return.  A new appreciation for an active life. I slipped just a little but I’m back on track and motivated to finish this out.  I hit the Y today and had a good workout.  I ate great today even with a whole break table of goodies. It is simply hard work and discipline.  And that was something that I was reminded of tonight while watching the finale.  There are no short cuts or easy way out.  It is a new lifestyle that I must always be committed to living. 

Much of life is this way, isn’t it?  No short cuts or easy way out.  Lots of discipline and hard work.  We can waste a lot of time avoiding things out of fear of hard work.  It really is our loss.


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Man of the House

Tonight I had a call from a telemarketer.  Her first question was "May I speak with the man of the house?"  I replied, "I am the man of the house."  She paused and then said, "Thank you for your time" and hung up.   Hmmm…. was it something I said?

I got something in the mail from God today.  That is how I like to look at a situation where you have been thinking lots about something, then take a step in faith in one direction and then the very next day get something unsolicited in the mail related the very thing you are stepping out in faith about.  I think its incredibly cool how sly God is sometimes.  I mean, it could be some freak luck of the mailbag but hey . . . I just find it more exciting and rich to think that it is God’s handiwork and not some incredible timing of the US Postal Service.  I mean, either way it is a miracle, right?

Speaking of amazing things, let me just say how amazing my parents are.  I am so blessed to have such an awesome mom and dad.  Really . . . I couldn’t begin to describe all the ways in which my parents are wonderful and wise and loving and strong and good.  They came over tonight after a long day of serving others – their perfect grandson and their dear mothers – and helped me put up my Christmas wreaths outside and then sat and talked with me about some decisions I am working through.  They are wonderful and caring listeners and I am so grateful to have them as sounding boards in my life.  I completely hit the jackpot when I chose them as my parents. 🙂 Ok, ok … I had no choice in the matter which is probably why it turned out so well!

I’m wrapping up early tonight.  I took my little sleepy pills early tonight so that I would for sure rest.  Last night it escaped me as I began thinking about everything waiting at the office so I’m not taking any chances tonight!

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Holiday Endings

Thanksgiving 2005 has come to a close.  The official transition for me happens when I put up Christmas decor which happened this afternoon.  The tree is up, the lights are in the window . . . I just need to dig out from cd storage the Christmas songs to officially get in the mood.  Although the weather was perfect today, it doesn’t necessarily scream "Christmas". 

My vacation holiday has come to a close as well.  It has been a wonderful week off where I could enjoy life at a much slower pace and enjoy stress-free moments with friends and family.  A little more like the life that I imagine God intends for us. As I return to work rested and cleansed, it is my prayer that I will keep things in perspective and stay committed to making time for the important things in life.  There are always a million good things that we can be doing but if we attempt to do them all then we will do little good. It is figuring out the few good things that we are made to devote ourselves to that is important to life contentment.

Tonight I head to bed rested and a little sore from an afternoon of basketball with the guys.  Hope you each found time to rest and relax over the holiday. 

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Happy Stuffing Day

When I was doing laundry last night at the laundromat, my goal was to get the remainder of my dirty clothes into one washer saving myself $1.25 and some detergeant.  My stuffing was creative and well-planned.  There were no haphazard crammings, no wasted space.  No matter how much I wanted it, no matter how good my intentions, I couldn’t stuff it all in.  There was a limit and when I reached that limit, the door was closed and that was it.  No waiting 5 minutes and sneaking another towel in.  The case, and the washer, were closed.

Why don’t our stomachs work that way?  Why can I still manage to cram more food into my body with my stomach screaming "UNBALANCED LOAD"?  Why does my mouth not close and stay shut until my stomach has finished its cycle?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  I hope your day was stuffed with great food and great fellowship.

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Thank God for Laundromats

As I type this my very first pumpkin pie is baking in the oven.  I’m abnormally excited about this new cooking venture. As we gather at my parent’s table tomorrow, I am bringing pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies and the infamous green bean casserole.  Usually we put my mother through heck as she prepares everything but this year my sister and I have finally stepped up to the plate and are bringing a few dishes to help out.  Oddly enough, I have developed an affinity this past year to cooking.  Maybe I’m growing up, maybe I’m so shallow that when praised for a couple of cooking successes it has gone to my head.  Nevertheless, I’m a Martha or Rachel Ray in the making. (I hope. . . )

I’m happy and content tonight.  That doesn’t sound like much but trust me . . it is significant and it is an indication of the vacation that I have had thus far.  It has been wonderful to slow down, to rest, to pray, to move at a slower pace, to get life in order.  I’m sensing some clarity to some decisions that I’ve been pondering awhile and that brings me relief.  I spent most of the day with my parents as we traveled to Iberia to get some furniture from my grandparent’s home.  I have a beautiful 1940s set in my bedroom tonight.  It is the first time I’ve ever had a headboard and footboard on a bed and I’m so excited for easy nighttime reading.  The pieces look wonderful and they have a beautiful history.  They join a dresser that was my dad’s growing up so I feel my bedroom is blessed with a great furniture heritage.

Tonight I was beginning laundry and getting ready to bake up a storm when my neglect caught up with me.  I’ve been meaning to call Roto Rooter for a while for semi-annual pipe cleaning that this old home requires.  However, I never got to it.  So tonight my drain in the basement backed up while I was on my first load. Nothing was ruined.  Fortunately, I went down about the time it was really gushing and was able to move things out of the way.  So, wanting to get laundry done tonight, I packed my wet load and my dirty load and went the laundromat that I use to frequent when I had my first apartment.  I took a book that I’ve been wanting to read.  I like the laundromat. It is a way of forcing me to slow down and be and I appreciate anything that makes me do that.  So my time there was beautiful and relaxing and refreshing.  It was not so good for my jeep because while I was doing laundry, a guy backed into my jeep – damaging my bumper and his back light.  It is not horrible and the guy felt bad.  I have his information, told him to not worry, enjoy his holiday and we’d talk after Thanksgiving.  It could have been much worse.  No one was hurt; both vehicles are driveable; my laundry is done . . . all is good. 🙂

God is so good. I cannot imagine my life without God.  The freedom, the care, the hope that God gives me.  I’m continually in awe at how amazing and real God is and how tangible God is.  Even as big and mysterious and unfathomable as God is, He still makes Himself known in exactly the way that I need him to make himself known.  That simply leaves me speechless . . . and overwhelmingly grateful.

I wish for each of you a Thanksgiving full of blessings that only God can take credit for because they are beyond human definition or expectation and in this way, you will receive the biggest blessing of all and that is undeniable holy moments with your Creator.

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Vacation Days

Vacation days are beautiful gifts.  I’ve been on vacation the past two days – a vacation of staying put mostly which is a blessing.  Things have been so hectic, so non-stop for a long time that my house had become chaotic and behind.  Yesterday I spent the day on getting it back into the game – yardwork; took items to recycle and to Salvation Army; cleaned and cleaned; washed my jeep.  It felt great to tidy up.  Most of it is what I would call surface cleaning which is kind of what I’m doing with myself the first few days of vacation.  Just some surface cleaning – sleeping; exercising; stocking up; etc.  But I’m moving towards the expectation of some deeper cleaning personally.  The next few days are busy but I have some scheduled down time to do some praying, thinking, planning, decision-making.  Before I get there, though, I just need to tidy up my life a bit and then I’ll be ready to focus.

My friend, Jesse, came down for dinner Monday night and that was a wonderful blessing.  It was good to do some chatting about life an dthings and I was touched that he would drive the 2 hours for a evening of conversation.  Today I was able to spend some time with my nephew, Blake, which was great.  He is growing up quickly and today we enjoyed a few brief and deep conversations.  Of course, I have no idea what he said because it was a jumble of sounds but he was very passionate about it nevertheless.  So, I have no doubt that the thoughts he shared today were profound and most likely beyond my comprehension.  I do hope that he’ll humor me as he continues to grow up.  I had dinner tonight with my friend, Amy, and it was a delight to slow down and catch up with our lives.  I’m so thankful that she came to Jeff City and that she walked onto the football field in September! 🙂

Wednesday I am spending the day with my parents in Iberia, MO, as we continue to work on some things at my grandma’s house.  She moved to JC a couple of months ago and the family is going through the process of working through years of history in that place. 

I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving full of blessings and rich times with families and friends.

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154 Hours

Why have I not posted since November 9th?  Well . . since my last post the night of Nov. 8th, I have worked 154 hours.  I figured it up today.  That’s an average of 12.8 hours/day for the last 12 days straight – weekends included.

So you can see why I haven’t had the time, energy or care to blog.  But TONIGHT is the beginning of a week of vacation!  Tonight, this hour, has been the hour I’ve been holding on to. The moment that was the light at the end of the tunnel that I kept reminding myself that I would see very shortly.  The evening that gave me enough energy to make it through one more task because it was one step closer to vacation.

This week is about rest, cleansing, family and renewing. And my blogging should return this week as I catch up on sleep and catch my breath.

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