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Ice, Ice Baby

It has been a weekend of ice here in Missouri. It began Friday (which seems like ages okay) and is still robbing people of power today. Very rarely are we sequestered. Usually, if you want to get out and about you can do it. But this weekend made it challenging. I got out Saturday to make hospital visits and to take some things to my folks. On Sunday, I only ventured out to get the newspaper and in the process landed flat on my less-than-flat butt. After a quick look around to see if anyone had witnessed my mishap, I slid the rest of the way down the driveway. Some little kids were playing across the street and one of them, probably in 3rd grade, politely shouted, “Walk in the grass!”. Instead of shouting back, “I did, thank you very much.” I said “Thanks!” with a thumbs up.

I knew enough to walk in the grass but it didn’t help much on Sunday because my lawn was an ice rink! In fact, when I sidestepped my way back up the lawn, I saw the big (somewhat big but not that big) crack in the grass where I had made contact with my tush.

But no worse for wear today.

Where some folks would find three days of isolation a prison sentence of the worst kind, I’ve enjoyed the quiet time and the time around the house. It has been nice to just read or to watch a movie without feeling guilty of other things that should be accomplished. Most of my youth, however, feel like they are dying a slow and torturous death cut off from the very thing that gives them life – their friends!

I hope you are safe and warm wherever you are.


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My nephew came to visit me at the office today. It made the day. It’s like he blesses my office when he comes. Blesses and rearranges my office. So sweet and innocent (most of the time) is the child.

How in the world does God expect us to come like a child after all that we see and experience in this life? It seems impossible to go back. I would do anything to keep Blake from seeing and experiencing the ugly of this world. I want to make his world as much like the Kingdom of God as possible but much of it is out of my control. The best I can do is to teach Blake to stay in the shadow of the Almighty no matter what lurks beyond it.

I imagine God feels the same for us. God would do anything to make this world the Kingdom of God but there are some things that God willing gave up control over. The best God can do is teach us to stay in the shadow of the Almighty and to help us do our part in revealing God’s will on earth like it is in Heaven.

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Welcome to my newsite. I will continue with my Typepad account for a few weeks before I switch over my www.melissahatfield.com domain to this account.

Hope everybody can make the transition! Please pass the word along.

Oh – a leave me a comment that you’ve made it to the new site!!! 🙂 I’d hate to lose anyone.

Peace –

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Winter is Here!

Winter came last night with a grand entrance.  We woke up to 12 – 14 inches of snow. Just two days ago we were enjoying rare 70 degree temps.  Now, we are bundled up like Randy from A Christmas Story.  I spent 3 hours shoveling my sidewalk and driveway.  Still a good chunk of ice on part of it where the sun doesn’t shine but for the most part it works.

Here are some pictures of the house this morning. The snow is absolutely gorgeous! It is definitely a winter wonderland.



I had to go out late afternoon and evening for a wedding rehearsal.  Tomorrow I officiate the wedding of my friends, Preston and Amy.  They are just positive folks who are taking this whole weather thing with great attitudes. Some would let the fact that roads are closed and airports are shut down ruin their special day. Almost everyone managed to make it in tonight except for two of the groomsmen.  They should be here tomorrow.  The dinner and rehearsal went fine.  The roads weren’t so great but my jeep handled them well. 

So it is a beautiful winter wonderland here in Missouri.  The most snow we’ve had in years – many, many years.  It is an unusual sabbath where the whole city has been shut down.  May we take the time to experience a true sabbath in the gift of this snowstorm.

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It was a relaxing Thanksgiving holiday for me this year.  Good times with family and very little pressing agenda.  For those two things, I am thankful.

One of the traditions that I carry on from my childhood days is putting up Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.  Although it was a Christmas_pictures_002little odd to be putting up trees and lights in 70 degree weather. It is abnormally warm here which I love but for those of us who associate cold with Christmas it is slightly unsettling.

It is a great time to put up outside decorations and so I am contemplating how to decorate my new home.  It is my first Christmas here so there is some adjusting of decor and such to make it fit.  I did get a "new" Christmas tree up.  I got my parents tree from them.  It was too big for their family room and with my high ceilings, it made a better fit here.  As you can see, it is a big tree.  But it looks great!!!

I love Christmas.  It is the time of year when the kingdom of God on earth seems most possible.  It may be difficult to see that as we watch footage of people fighting and trampling one another in a quest for a cheap toy but don’t focus there.   More people are thinking about others, gathering with family, giving of self to serve others and seeking joy.  If there is ever a season to believe that the reign of God is possible on earth and in our lives, it is the season where we celebrate Emmanuel – God with us.

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Nephew Cuteness Update


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So I took this leadership test online to see what leader I am most like and it comes out to be Mother Theresa.  Talk about awkward.  Who wants to say that they are like Mother Theresa?  I mean, we all wish we were like Mother Theresa but who is arrogant enough to say "I’m like Mother Theresa".   It just seems really wrong and arrogant to even go there.  But I’m posting it anyway . . .

On top of that, I took a "What Classic Movie Are You" and it came out to be Schindler’s List.  Now, I really feel bad.  Like I have a lot to live up to or like I’m bragging.

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